An Oceanside Retreat… The Summer Scallops at Mirabelle

Whether it’s the Hamptons, Nantucket, Lake George, or Provincetown, the summer time means breezy destinations. Vacations lend relaxation, time with loved ones and memorable food. In honor of the summer, our “Cape Cod Summer Scallops” is a dual combination of the memories of the North East and summers on Cape Cod.

The two components of the dish are based on true tartar and classic cocktail sauces. In our cocktail sauce, the original Asian-inspired Catsup is used with mushroom, nuts, garlic, and preserved fish. In this iteration, we highlight the umami flavors and enhance them with Worcestershire and kombu. The dish pays homage to a near forgotten classic with a truly east-meets-west elevation. Similarly, the tartar sauce is celebrated through concentrated flavors of cornichon, celery, and fennel. There is less focus on a creamy dipping sauce and more deliberate emphasis on savory and briny flavors that enhance the scallop.

Lighting up a charcoal grill on the sandy beaches of the Cape also elicits memories of bacon wrapped scallops (well, bacon wrapped anything, to be fair). In lieu of using pork on our delicate scallops, we cold smoke them with a variety of sweet-woods for hours prior to searing. Both sauces are well accompanied by the smoky flavor that is imparted.

While the scallops lean towards the bigger and deeper spectrum of the flavor profile, all its supporting and accent flavors are set to balance the dish. It is easily the brightest and lightest of all the second courses on our dinner menu.

The smoky summer bonfires, ocean-side seafood grill-outs and shared memories transport our diners beyond the city limits and into their own mini Cape-side vacation.

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