Comfortable Connections

Memories, connections, emotions, and nostalgia are all experiences people have. Dining out should evoke the same psychological release as these feelings. Our culinary team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries, expectations and levels of joy that guests feel at our restaurant.

As the fall season lingers over us, we seek to create nostalgia for the summer and preparation for the colder months. There is great beauty in the simple comforts of life, such as the leaves dying, which produces their most beautiful colors. The simple comforts of dining are present at Mirabelle through our nostalgia for the crisp days of our youth, connection to our roots and emotional permissions the fall seasons provide us with.

Our fall scallops are the cornerstone of our philosophy. We use the combination of flavors, such as warm baking spices, to infuse a consommé with the aromas of late fall and early winter to be paired with scallops. This dish is then heightened with a rosemary and roasted squash burnoise to provide nostalgia for an oceanside fall day.

Innovation takes a simple classic and changes the presentation through technique. Our “Robuchon Garden” dish is executed through the creation of smoked gruyere infused balls, a reverse hollandaise, cornichons, celery, and fines herbs to create a hot and cold version of potato salad. This dish is both innovative and classic, which establishes a relatable connection with food.

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