Preserving the Seasons…Preserving the Mirabelle Mentality

Seasonal Preservations

As the seasons begin to turn and the warm rays of summer begin to fade, the autumn leaves begin to depict natures raw canvas. As the breeze grows just a little bit sharper, we reach into our closets and pull out the autumn attire. At Mirabelle, we are excited for the fall season and the many joys it brings, such as truffles, wild game, aromatic spices and more. However, there are moments when we are thankful and nostalgic for summer sunshine that subtly warms the skin or the smell of springs flowers dancing along with the May winds. To celebrate this nostalgia, our culinary team has been developing a preservation program to provide guests with bursts of flavors from past seasons.

Preservation was the culinary technique used to preserve foods when the winter months were unbearable to hunt, fish and gather. While we no longer need preservation due to our access to resources, we have learned the subtle joys that preserving bring to our nostalgic nature. Some of these techniques blend multiple flavors through fermentation, pickling, dehydration, or confit, ultimately reaching a synergy of deep flavors that defy the seasons. Rhubarb is preserved to give guests a pop of the summer season, year-round. The aromas and bright flavors really bring me back to that time of year, you can almost feel the pollen in the air for several minutes.

As we continue to preserve the summer flavors for the cold months, we are excited to begin to introduce the cozy fall flavors.

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