Runaway to the Garden

Tomato Whey

The sun is low in the sky. The peanut butter and jelly you ate for lunch is a distant memory. Your father just ventured back in from the garden with the ripest, freshest tomatoes you’ve ever seen. Together you wash them, prep them for your favorite snack and enjoy them. You realize that tomatoes are the first ingredient you ever fell in love with. The recollection of that memory is the basis for our “Tomato Whey” dish.

The dish is presented in a dish that resembles a tree trunk with a garden on top of it. The dish demonstrates the progression of a tomato in three phases. Just as humans’ progress through life, so do the components of nature.

The dish starts with peeled cherry tomatoes and house-fermented strawberry vinegar. It is presented in the form of a classic tomato salad with a house-made ricotta, ramp pesto and pumpernickel soil, finished with herbs from Impact Farms and Mike Mustard. A sidecar drink of tomato Whey broth accompanies the dish for the Guest to Sip with the Salad.  The Dish is reminiscent of Chef Keith Bombaugh’s favorite childhood mid-day snack of sliced tomatoes on toast with garlic and butter.

The “Tomato Whey” dish is a combination of the natural beauty of the earth’s fruits combined with the bittersweet memories of growing up and maturing.

Tomato Whey Dish


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