The Mirabelle “YES” Mentality

Achievement in innovation is just the beginning of our mentality. At Mirabelle, we enjoy the expression “Start with YES.” Whether it’s an allergy, aversion or just a preference, we seek to accommodate, excite, and satisfy every request.

When thinking about summer, Chef Keith immediately pictures escaping to the beach in Cape Cod for the day. The summer breeze, sun-kissed skin and most importantly, the dinner meal. Quintessential to this experience was the New England Lobster Roll. These memories triggered a burning desire to reimagine a lobster roll in some iteration to add to the menu. As development began, Chef realized that people with gluten allergies would never be able to experience the bliss of a lobster roll bite. From there he decided to create a bar bite, which elicited the same sensory excitement as a lobster roll, but he made it completely gluten free.

Finding ways to say yes to guests’ needs, dietary restrictions and menu ideas is important to us. Sometimes it feels like someone is always telling us no: our boss, our kids, our siblings, our significant other… the list goes on. However, at Mirabelle, we are always striving for ways to say yes!

The “Lobster Cornets” can be found on the bar menu offered after 5 p.m. and “Rush Hour” menu offered from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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