The Sweet Side of Mirabelle

Dinner isn’t complete without dessert, especially at Mirabelle. The desserts receive as much attention on innovation as our savory items. Inspiration for sweets can come from produce, memories, sensory experiences and beyond. Classic techniques are practiced in tandem with avant garde expression to produce our pastry plates.

Every Thursday, our chefs visit the local farmer’s market to buy fresh, seasonal ingredients for the week. The “Farmer’s Market Cheesecake” embodies the locally inspired mentality. As the seasons flow and peak produce changes, so do the desserts at Mirabelle. The warm summer months brought the dawn of the black velvet apricot cheesecake with pickled blackberries, white chocolate, lemon and lime sorbet. This cheesecake presents itself as more than just a dessert, but a homage to the summer fruits and flavors it contains.

Our new “Newton’s Fig” dessert is meant to make the guest feel nostalgic. The fig newton is not only a classic cookie from childhood but when accompanied with honey, lemon and a cup of earl grey tea the guest can almost feel the charm of an English tea party. The dish then takes one step further with fresh farmer’s market goat cheese, sweet vermouth and ginger. These flavors are meant to lean into one another to create a new experience.

If sweets aren’t preferred we also offer a cheese selection with seasonal accompaniments.

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