Think Wine, Think Mexico

Think Wine, Think Mexico
Finca la Carrodilla is an exciting new-comer in Mexican wine. Located in the Valle de Guadalupe, considered Mexico’s “Napa Valley,” this producer is certified organic and constantly looking forward at how to make their farm more sustainable. They are practicing biodynamic techniques as well, and the result are rich wines that have a sense of place and purpose. At a production level of only 3,000 bottles per year, we are blessed to be able to pour this wine so freely.

The “Canto de Luna,” their red blend of Cabernet (70%), Shiraz/Syrah (20%), and Tempranillo (10%) has been a wonderful addition to the by the glass list here at Mirabelle, to the surprise and delight of guests and wine directors alike! While boasting rich almost candied black fruit at the front, as well as velvety fine tannins, the Tempranillo adds a lovely softness with a long cherry finish and a hint of leather. Any other winery would likely be proud to feature this wine as a flagship.

While the wines of Mexico were not necessarily on the radar until recently, it is worth mentioning that they also are the home of the oldest wineries in North America. The industry there for finer wines is admittedly younger, not really taking hold until the 1970s, and only really coming into its own in the past decade or so. It was a long and slow process bringing in current technology, clean water, and people with a wealth of wine-making knowledge to take advantage of this very tropical climate.

One of the most exciting things about this renaissance in Mexican wine is how rules seem to not apply. They are blending French, Italian, and Spanish grapes in ways never seen before and the results are always interesting. To drink Mexican wine now is to learn alongside the farmer, the winemaker, the sommelier and to truly help determine where these wines go in the future. One thing is clear, though, these wines pair great with food! If you have any doubts, come in for a pairing!

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