Virginia is for Wine Lovers

They say Virginia is for lovers, but at Mirabelle, we say, “Virginia is for Wine Lovers.” We adore the wines that Virginia producers create. Even with the vintage being extremely difficult, 2018 wines from Virginia are exciting!

The best of them highlight how far the VA wine industry has come, especially in terms of planting grapes that are better suited to the terroir and climate of Virginia itself. The taste of their wines reflects the year and that they could only come from Virginia.

The 2018 vintage highlights how Virginia wine producers were still able to produce unique and exciting wines even when faced with a multitude of hurdles during a difficult vintage. The most recent hardship was the weather. Temperatures were hot and rainy days were abundant. When vines receive too much water, the grapes lack concentration of flavor and are more susceptible to many diseases. With the surplus of rain, the mildew negatively affected a significant portion of everyone’s vineyards. Although the conditions were disastrous, the 2018 vintage demonstrates just how attentive, adaptive, and intuitive producers can be!

2018 shows us some real growth in the VA wine industry. Those who were able to produce wines this past year are truly leading the industry going forward. Still, no amount of forward planning and adaptation can overcome the weather. Even producers like Early Mountain, who have diversified their plantings and have experiments with hybrid varietals like Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin (French varietals created to be able to cope with extreme temperatures and be highly disease resistant) had significantly lower yields. Early Mountain informed us that they produced 35% less wine than the previous year. To help support Virginia wine produces, we have decided to pour Early Mountain during our “Rush Hours” from Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. A key element of the “Mirabelle Mentality” is to support those small, local business that are paving way for innovation.

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